Go Beyond

Every year, the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon brings together people from across the country and world in the city’s biggest celebration – championing the transformative power that the event has on each one of us. Inspiring us to go beyond convention, beyond what’s expected, beyond what’s possible.

The event this year will not just be about DHM. It will be about the city, the country and the spirit of the people above everything else. This year, more than any other year, the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon will stand for being a catalyst for transformation. A celebration of normalcy, of everything good. A remembrance of everything achieved as society. 2022 has brought about new beginnings and a new emotion now fills us: things will be better from here. And the one thing that we’ve learnt is that at every moment of life, under all circumstances: we have had the power to transform our lives; make a meaningful difference to society at large. Let’s Celebrate this!

Let’s Celebrate this!

Jab giro ge, toh haath thaam legi,

Jab himmat karoge, toh saath nibhayegi.

Jab badhoge, toh pankh degi,

Jab jashn manaoge, to sang naachegi.

Kuch auron ke liye karoge, toh milkar chalegi,

Jab jeetoge, toh thapki degi.

Duniya ke saare rang, apne mein samaa leti hai.

Parivartan ab bhi baaki hai, ye ehsaas dilati hai.

Kuch aisa hai rang iska,

Kuch aisi Dilli.


#RangDeDilli represents the union of different hues that make Delhi unique – Strength, Responsibility, Pride, Unity, Passion, Joy, Celebration. Allowing us to reflect its soul in a manner that is relevant and inspiring.