I am a mother of two school-going children and a former IT Project Manager with extensive  experience gained over the years across various domains. This includes overseeing the End to End Business Delivery of high-value projects for specialized clients in diverse industries.
Since 2019, I have immersed myself in running, participating in numerous events in Delhi/NCR and various other cities. Throughout my journey of embracing running and fitness, I have garnered significant recognition, achieving podium placements that brought a sense of fulfillment through my unwavering dedication.
One of my memorable runs was at the 'Roof of the World' - the Ladakh marathon in 2022. Racing amidst the awe-inspiring heights of the trans-Himalayan mountains was an experience to treasure for a lifetime. Not only was it the highest run, but it was also undeniably the toughest and truly a breathtaking marathon.
Running has been the cornerstone of my mental and physical strength. My objective is to motivate people to adopt an active lifestyle, particularly advocating for running among individuals and beginners. I firmly believe in setting ambitious goals and working diligently to attain them.
In my role as a pacer, my primary focus is to assist fellow runners in realizing their goals. I strive to motivate runners on the journey, ensuring they finish on time and emerge as winners in their unique